I was born and raised in Austria, studied and graduated (MA) from German Language and Literature and PPP  in Vienna – and later on I studied Psychology at the University of Vienna, and in the US at Ohio University and at Harvard University - as a visiting scholar - for my PhD - graduation in 1990 in Vienna.
From 1980-2015 I worked as a lecturer for German as a Foreign Language at the Vorstudienlehrgang der Wiener Universitäten. 1993-1995 I taught in this field at Koryo University near Seoul, South Korea.
In the late 90ies I started to get intensly involved with the material leather – took a course in making shoes – and after that I started designing handbags. They were all unique pieces and were produced by  Viennese craftsmen. Exhibitions in Austria and abroad followed, for instance in Vienna, Salzburg, Bayreuth, Paris, Nizza...


One of my handbags was acquired by the German Leather Museum in Offenbach – and is sitting there in the departement of Applied Arts.
Immediately after my retirement in 2015 I went to Florence to study there for one year at Alchimia, a school for contemporary jewellery. After that I had the chance to keep learning in the workshop of a Viennese jeweller (Herr Eckel).

In spring 2017 I attended a private course with an Italian jewellery artist, Daniela Boieri, who was also working as a teacher at Alchimia, and between 2015 and 2017 I participated in workshops with  Lucia Massei, Daniela Boieri, Yoko Shimizu und Marzia Rossi, but also with two Italian artists, Luciana d`'Onofrio and Federico Vecchi.

I  attended regularly workshops with Izabella Petrut, an artist and former student at Alchimia at Stoß im Himmel, Vienna.


In May 2017 I was invited by Dr.Nenno from the German Leather Museum to participate in EUNIQUE 2017 with my handbags.


In October and November 2017  I attended courses at Assamblage Jewellery School in Bukarest, with Andrea Popescu, Diana Pantea and David Sandu.


 2018: my pieces shown in Vienna, Galerie Alja & friends


Spring 2018: guest student at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Campus Idar Oberstein, gemstones and jewellery.


Fall 2018: course with the Italian jewellery artist Daniela Boieri in Florence


Dec. 2018: exhibition in: das Packhaus in Vienna


April 2019: participation at  Legnica Art Gallery , Poland

May 2019: solo exhibition at GIADA Gallery for contemporary jewellery in Triest, Italy

May 2019: participation at group exhibition of SNAG, Coming of Age, in Chicago, USA

 July 2019: pieces shown at: Atelier im Ersten, Vienna

October 2019: Venice Design Week - jewellery selection and award

November 2019: show at ARTWORK Vienna together with Izabella Petrut

2020 ongoing: presentation of my pieces at Atelier im Ersten, Vienna and GIADA contemporary in Trieste

July 2020: special presentation at GIADA

October 2020 to January 2021: exhibition together with Izabella Petrut in a vitrine at Karlsplatzpassage Ost in Vienna

November 2020: participtating together with Izabelle Petrut in the Vienna Jewellery Walk 2020

March 2021: invitation to participate in Milano Jewellery week 2021 - due to Covid it got changed into OVERJEWELS

ongoing presentations: 1010 Vienna, Atelier im Ersten, GIADA gallery in Trieste, Italy

September 2021: part of OVERJEWELS

Sept./October 2021: participating in Romanian Jewellery Week

Renate Erlacher

Schmuck - Contemporary Jewellery

1040 Wien

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